Marhaba! (Hello!), welcome to Genesis Loves KSA blog! which will take you to the lives and personal experiences of the expat workers living and working in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the holiest land of Islam.

We’ll strive to provide you with the basic information and the things that you need to know about Saudi Arabia and why we have named it “Genesis Loves KSA.” Likewise, this blog site will include our excursion and trips abroad while working in Saudi Arabia.



How to visit Bahrain from Saudi Arabia through the King Fahad Causeway?

If you’re working in Saudi Arabia, then most likely you wouldn’t wanna miss the privilege of traveling to its neighboring Gulf Countries including Bahrain. Thousands of Saudi locals and expat residents visit Bahrain weekly for a weekend getaway. Bahrain is an island country located in the Persian Gulf. It’s known for being one of the most …


About this site 

Saudi Arabia is home to more than 10 million expat workers from all corners of the globe. This blog site will feature the wonderful experiences of the writer himself and the lives of the expat people working in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and provide you the glimpse of the culture and the unique way of living in the Kingdom.

This site also includes his personal trips abroad while working in Saudi Arabia. This blog aims to raise awareness and tell the world how beautiful and wonderful working in the holiest land of Islam.

About the  Writer-in-Chief 

The writer/blogger is currently based in Saudi Arabia and has been in the Kingdom for around five years. He is presently employed with his dream company, the largest and the biggest energy company in the world. He is a graduate of Communication Management and loves to write and read during his free time.

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