Saudi Aramco’s Minimum Requirements

The Biggest Energy Company in the World

If you could have read my previous post on my blog, I have mentioned that I’m currently connected with the biggest and the largest energy company in the world based in Saudi Arabia. Sounds interesting right? I know you’re curious about the company I’m working with. Today, I’m going to reveal and share with you the minimum requirements to be part of this mammoth industry known as the most valuable company in the world.

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Top 10 Places You Need to See When You’re in Armenia

Have you ever heard of a country called Armenia? Perhaps few of you did! But many of you didn’t, either I didn’t hear it too. If you were reading my previous blog, you should be aware that I’ve been there recently.

Armenia is a small country located in the Caucasus region, it’s landlocked by Turkey, Azerbaijan, Georgia, and Iran. Today, I would like to share with you my recommended itinerary if in case you’re planning to visit Armenia. I have personally visited these places while I was there:

This is the panoramic view of Yerevan City from above the Cascade, Yerevan is the capital city of Armenia.

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Top 10 Disadvantages of Working Abroad That No One Wants to Talk About

Have you ever thought of working abroad, haven’t you? Are you feeling jealous seeing your friends working in a foreign land? Or perhaps getting envious while watching your friends posting nice photos on their social media accounts. Admit it, you’ve wished to work abroad too or perhaps thought about it!


For most people, the idea of working abroad sounds very exciting, it’s like having a long vacation to another country. Seeing new places, meeting new people, having new friends, being able to buy new stuff and getting loads of money! Believe me, this is what you’ve thought about seeing your friends and relatives working abroad.

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King Abdulaziz Center for World Culture: The Most Beautiful Building in The World

When we thought of the tallest building in the world, the first thing that comes to our mind is in Dubai City, why not? What about the most iconic and one of the most beautiful buildings in the world? You wouldn’t have probably thought of Saudi Arabia, would you? I know you’re raising your eyebrows right now. But yes, there is a building here that could rival any other modern landmarks in the world.

37953466_2092496740821715_61755333294424064_n (1)
The side view of the King Abdulaziz Center for World Culture, located in Dhahran Saudi Arabia.

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Why OFWs Are The Modern Heroes?

Early in the morning before sunrise, she heads to the bushes hoping to find root crops for her starving family. She held the stem of the sturdy cassava plant, she pulled it up but failed, she tried again yet the plant resisted. She gave another blow with all her strength from her tiny body, she uprooted the yucca plant full of edible fully grown roots. A usual routine for a young girl’s family living below the poverty line.

Marevel sitting alone, enjoying the beautiful landscape in the countryside of Denmark.

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Top 10 Reasons Why You Should Travel at Least Once a Year

Have you ever planned to travel to another country? Have you ever visited one, haven’t you? Travelling is everyone’s childhood dream, isn’t it? Admit it, you’ve wished to travel back to when you were young! I can’t blame you for that, who else doesn’t like traveling? I loved traveling and I’m crazy about it. Recently I went to Armenia, a beautiful country in the Caucasus region. Have you ever heard about it? Well anyway, you can check it on my travel blog how I got there.

Standing in between these two magnificent buildings in the Republic Square of Yerevan, Armenia the center of the City.

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How Does a Humble Guy Found Success In Saudi Arabia?

It’s four o’clock in the morning, the place is quiet and peaceful. The only sound audible is the alternating crows of the roosters echoing through the valleys signaling a bright new day is about to break out. A day full of hope and inspirations.

Meet Randy Custodio, 35, years old, an Account Specialist, in Riyadh, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, an Overseas Filipino Worker. From Ilaya Bulo, Province of Quezon, Philippines.

Randy Custodio, a successful OFW in Riyadh Saudi Arabia, working in a multinational company as Key Account Specialist.
Humble Beginning 

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Poor Boy’s Journey To Success In Saudi Arabia

Christmas is a happy day

Its Christmas Eve, the whole family happily sits together as they patiently wait for the last tick of the ‘minute hand’ (wall clock) before twelve o’clock midnight. Alas! The wait is over. Merry Christmas! Greeted everyone with a smile on their faces. The table is ready, kids are so excited to see what mama has prepared on a rare occasion to eat good food.

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Marlon, standing alongside Incredible Hulk, just like this comic hero, Marlon is a hero himself who fought for his ambitions and won it triumphantly.

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Abandoned Boy Turns HR Professional in Saudi Arabia

The Metaphor of Life

Sailing alone into the deep blue sea hoping to catch fish to fill his rumbling stomach. As he paddles towards the middle of the ocean where he could see nothing, but the magnitude of the approaching swell.

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Jonathan Mahilum, an HR Professional based in Saudi Arabia. As a child, he imagined himself wearing a suit one day, but to realize it, he had to pursue and finish his studies.

He looked around back and forth, where there is no more land visible from the distance, realizing he has gone too far. His heart beats fast, though scared and daunted he continued boldly crossing the unrelenting waves that strike against his wooden boat as if yelling him – ‘you can’t make it to the shore.’

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Single Mother Left Her Kids, To Work in Saudi Arabia

Christine, Single Mother of 3 

Meet Christine, 30 years old, from Indahag Cagayan de Oro, Philippines. A single mother of three. After her failed marriage life, Christine was left alone raising and fending her three children. Thinking to provide her kids brighter future, Christine left the country and decided to work in Saudi Arabia way back in 2013.

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Christine, 30 years old a successful household worker in Saudi Arabia. Christine is a single mother of 3 and left the country to support her family.

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