A Day Trip to Uplistsikhe and Vardzia Georgia, the Most Spectacular Experience

It wasn’t really my intention to visit these two untold historical sites of Georgia, the Uplistsikhe and Vardzia, the hidden gems of this magnificent country. My original plan is – to head off to Batumi after sightseeing Tbilisi. However, during my excursion at Tbilisi, I’ve met two working professionals (Lim & Kenny) from Malaysia who were also working in the Middle East. Our accidental meeting turns out to be the start of a new friendship, and they’ve invited me to join them with their itinerary on the following day.



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Top 15 Places to Visit when in Tbilisi, Georgia

Georgia is a country situated in the Caucasus region, it’s in between the crossroads of Western Asia and Eastern Europe. While you wouldn’t hear Georgia on the list of the most visited countries in the world. Georgia is stunningly a wonderful country to explore, and Tbilisi, its capital city is marvelously fascinating. Below are the top 15 places to see should you find yourself in Tbilisi, Georgia:


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My Impression & Visit To Georgia From Saudi Arabia

You should be wondering why I haven’t blog for almost a week now, the reason is – I just came back from my short holiday in Georgia. Today I’m so excited to share with you my memorable experiences while visiting Georgia. I’m sure some of you might have been planning to visit this beautiful country.


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How to Learn English By Yourself

Do you want to learn English for free? Do you want to speak fluently like native English speakers, don’t you? If your answer is “yes.” Then, this post is the right one for you. English is considered as the universal language, billions of people from around the world are trying to learn English. Reasons for studying English may include for employment, immigration, business or simply having an edge on their communication skill.

Photo is from marbellaspanish.com

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How To Ace Interview And Get Your Dream Job!

Ever wonder why you’re not getting your dream job? Despite your excellent work experience and educational background? Perhaps you’re not at your best during your job interview. What might have gone wrong? Aren’t you aware that there are techniques for acing a job interview, are you?

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Six Disadvantages of Social Media

There was a time in our lives where our means of communication is more personal, intimate, and meaningful. Where we need to visit our friends and loved ones to discuss things face-to-face or the least through phone call if they’re out of reach. With the advent of social media, people started to change its behavior including our ways of communication.

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5 Ways To Invest Your Harned-Earned Income from Abroad or Locally


We all know that working overseas is no bed of roses, it’s a painful sacrifice often coupled with success and failures. Whether you’re working locally or abroad, our ultimate goal is to provide our needs, feed our families, and save a portion for our retirement. Unfortunately, only a few overseas workers are able to save enough and prepared to forego their career abroad. Many are still returning back and forth despite having spent almost half of their lives abroad.

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How to Deal with Your Difficult Colleagues in The Office

If you’re not going to put up your own business and doesn’t have a plan to do so. Expect that someone will hire you to work for his company. Majority of the college graduates opt to find their success through corporate jobs. Working in a company is the easiest and the safest way to earn a living, unless if your father is Bill Gates or Steve Jobs, perhaps you wouldn’t need to work for life.

Although working in the office may sound easy and relax, there are several disadvantages being an employee; first, you need to sit in the office 8 hours a day, sometimes you’re required to work during the weekends, or having a lot of stress and pressure from your peers.

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How to Save Money While Working Abroad

There are countless reasons why people tend to work abroad, despite the challenges it might come along the way. Every day, more and more people are inclined to find the greener pasture in the foreign lands. However, working abroad is not a guarantee of landing a successful career, some may end up being abused, maltreated or even death.


The photo is taken from www.pexels.com

As an overseas worker myself, I have experienced the bittersweet of working abroad. Loneliness and homesickness are among our worst enemies. If you could have read my previous blog, I have listed down the disadvantages of working overseas such as “not everyone is really well paid,” but only for the lucky ones. Compensation package really depends on your profession and what kind of company you are with.

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My Indonesian Friend Joins The Marathon

Charity Run On Multiple Sclerosis Awareness

It was a wonderful Saturday afternoon in Al-Khobar corniche, the venue of the “charity run” organized by our company. The weather was great, perfect for the marathon, at first – I have registered myself to experience this fun event; however, I backed out at the last minute and decided to be an expectator.

My Indonesian friend Muhamad, showing off his medal after the marathon event.

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