Visiting Riyadh City Saudi Arabia

Have you ever been to Riyadh City? If not, then let me take you there through this blog! Riyadh City is the capital city of Saudi Arabia, where the main government offices, embassies, and headquarters of huge international corporations are located. Riyadh City is in the central region of Saudi Arabia, being the capital city it’s by far the biggest city in the Kingdom.

The bustling city of Riyadh during the night, the picture was taken from the top of Kingdom Center the third tallest building in Saudi Arabia.

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Top 5 latest changes now in Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia is the center of Islam, where the two holiest mosques are located. Thus, millions of Muslims around the world come for pilgrimage in Mecca and Medina at least once in their lives. Saudi Arabia is the number one oil producer in the world making it one of the richest countries in the Middle East.

The country was too rich that they don’t collect various taxes from their citizens, until recently, that everything changes due to the dwindling oil price in the global market, which drastically affected the economies of oil-producing countries including Saudi Arabia.

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A Day Trip to Uplistsikhe and Vardzia Georgia, the Most Spectacular Experience

It wasn’t really my intention to visit these two untold historical sites of Georgia, the Uplistsikhe and Vardzia, the hidden gems of this magnificent country. My original plan is – to head off to Batumi after sightseeing Tbilisi. However, during my excursion at Tbilisi, I’ve met two working professionals (Lim & Kenny) from Malaysia who were also working in the Middle East. Our accidental meeting turns out to be the start of a new friendship, and they’ve invited me to join them with their itinerary on the following day.


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Top 15 Places to Visit when in Tbilisi, Georgia

Georgia is a country situated in the Caucasus region, it’s in between the crossroads of Western Asia and Eastern Europe. While you wouldn’t hear Georgia on the list of the most visited countries in the world. Georgia is stunningly a wonderful country to explore, and Tbilisi, its capital city is marvelously fascinating. Below are the top 15 places to see should you find yourself in Tbilisi, Georgia:


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My Impression & Visit To Georgia From Saudi Arabia

You should be wondering why I haven’t blog for almost a week now, the reason is – I just came back from my short holiday in Georgia. Today I’m so excited to share with you my memorable experiences while visiting Georgia. I’m sure some of you might have been planning to visit this beautiful country.


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How to Learn English By Yourself

Do you want to learn English for free? Do you want to speak fluently like native English speakers, don’t you? If your answer is “yes.” Then, this post is the right one for you. English is considered as the universal language, billions of people from around the world are trying to learn English. Reasons for studying English may include for employment, immigration, business or simply having an edge on their communication skill.

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People enroll themselves in training centers and prestigious universities just to study English. Others go to Europe and the United States to get first hand English training and paid a hefty amount of money. However, little is known that you can hack English by yourself without costing a penny.  Learning English by yourself is not really difficult if you have the patience and determination to do it. Below are the effective proven ways to learning English for free:

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1. Reading English Dictionary – Reading English dictionary is the core foundation of starting to learn the language. Reading the dictionary is the best way to gain more vocabularies vital for communication, without having a rich vocabulary, speaking English is impossible. I remember when I started memorizing the dictionary that’s when I was in first-year high school even until now I still got the time to read it.

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2. Watching English MoviesAnother extremely effective way to learn English is – by watching English movies, the dialogues and conversations in the movies are very helpful to learn English. Watching a movie is like watching the native English speakers themselves talking in their language. In my college days, I would never fail to watch English movies at night and would try to imitate the dialogues, even write it down in my notes. There are sentences which are difficult to make for yourself but could be learned by watching English movies.

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3. Read English Paragraphs daily Aside from reading the dictionary to gain more vocabularies reading English Paragraphs daily helps a lot. No need to be particular of what kind of books are, as long as written in English – a magazine, newspaper, science books, kids story will do. Reading it daily helps you familiarize a lot of words and phrases which are commonly used in English.

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4. Be With English Speaking FriendsYou don’t really need to find a native English speaking friend, what I mean with “English speaking friends” are your common friends who have the same passion in learning English like you. Believe me, this is by far among the most effective ways to learn the language. Back in my college days, I had a reputation of being an “English spoken” as I would oftentimes speak English in the college and when I’m with my local friends. In fact,  I befriended my college instructor who became my best buddy in talking Engish.

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5. Be Confident  Being confident is the soft skill that you need to acquire to further learn and apply English in your daily life. Once you have all the prerequisites to learn English, you must have the self-confidence to use the language. Don’t be afraid to speak English in front of your friends or colleagues.

Others may find it weird when we’re speaking English, don’t mind them. Remember, you can’t please everyone– so just be yourself and think in the long run. Don’t be discouraged when they make fun of you while practicing the language. Many people failed to learn English mainly because they’re scared of criticism and what others will say.

Are you still interested to learn English?

Just to give you a heads up, if you’re planning to work overseas having a good English skill is important. As an immigrant worker here in Saudi Arabia our medium of communication in the office is mainly in English. I’m currently connected with the biggest energy company in the world. That employs more than 80 different nationalities, and to communicate effectively with those multinational colleagues you need to speak English respectively.

I hope this post may inspire you to learn and improve your English skill as well, who knows you might be the next one will reap its benefit. You don’t really need to study at an expensive university and training centers. Just follow what I’d done and I’m sure you can do it.

Do you know more effective ways to learn English? Let me know in the comment box below, don’t forget to share this blog!

How To Ace Interview And Get Your Dream Job!

Ever wonder why you’re not getting your dream job? Despite your excellent work experience and educational background? Perhaps you’re not at your best during your job interview. What might have gone wrong? Aren’t you aware that there are techniques for acing a job interview, are you?

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Six Disadvantages of Social Media

There was a time in our lives where our means of communication is more personal, intimate, and meaningful. Where we need to visit our friends and loved ones to discuss things face-to-face or the least through phone call if they’re out of reach. With the advent of social media, people started to change its behavior including our ways of communication.

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