How I Got Hired by Saudi Aramco? The Biggest Energy Company In The World -Part-1

Looking For Greener Pasture 

It’s everyone’s dream to land a better job and prosperous career after finishing a degree to provide our needs and support our families. But finding a good company is already a difficult challenge for everyone, how much more getting hired by the biggest energy company in the world?

During my flight from the Philippines to Saudi Arabia.

My journey to my dream company started back in 2012 when I first arrived in Saudi Arabia looking for a greener pasture. My first company was a manpower supply agency that provides staff to reputable companies in the kingdom.

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Hello! I am Genesis

The decision to work in KSA

Allow me to introduce myself, my name is derived from the first book of the Bible, I am Genesis, an expat worker from the Philippines and currently working and living here in the wonderful country of Saudi Arabia – the holiest land of Islam.

This is me during my recent trip to Armenia from Saudi Arabia.

How I end-up here in Saudi Arabia?

My decision to work here in the Kingdom was based upon on the fact that, searching for a better job opportunity in the Philippines is quite difficult. Especially for a fresh graduate like me. I have completed a degree in Bachelor of Science in Communication Management back in 2012.

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