How I Got Hired By Saudi Aramco? The Biggest Energy Company in The World – Part 3

Continuation of my previous post:

It was among the darkest moment of my life, I have to start all over again from the scratch. I was desperate and overwhelmed with negative thoughts, I have lost self-esteem and self-confidence.

The incident worsens my depression, I am unable to concentrate for a month or two, I kept on blaming myself for what had happened. I tried to stay strong and pretended I’m alright, until one day I have given up! I have accepted my defeat and that I’m a loser. I was jobless for 8 months, I was worried my money is running out fast, I need to find a job by hook or by crook before I am penniless.

Traveling to Manila looking for new opportunities.

I started to apply for another job again, I have a couple of interviews attended in Manila and got accepted. But I was not happy with the salary offered, thus, I refused those companies and applied for something better. One unforgettable moment in Manila, I was about to attend the interview on that day, I left the hotel early and went directly to the venue.

I arrived at the place and found out there were hundreds if not thousands of people went there too. I have stayed there for almost one day waiting for my turn, but there were just a huge number people applying for the job. I was so tired and hungry since there were no benches or chairs to sit. I quit and left the scene, I have lost my time and effort for nothing and it just shows how difficult applying for work is.

The Struggle of Searching for New Job 

As months passed by, a number of companies tried to hire me, but I refused considering the salary offered was very low. In my solitary I kept on asking myself, would I still be able to find a better company? Would I still be able to earn the same salary before?

Being in Manila experiencing the difficulties in finding a new job.

What might be the reason behind all of this mess? Why do I need to experience all these miseries? and why should it be me? I know I am not perfect and I did wrong too, but to have all of these pain is intolerable, I told myself. Then, I remember what our HR manager told me before I left the company “Don’t worry this might be a blessing in disguise, who knows?.”

Yeah, she’s right, who knows this might be a blessing in disguise, one time while I was at home, I got a call from an unknown person, he’s a recruitment officer from an international recruitment agency based in Manila. He queried about myself and asked a question related to the job they are offering from a very big company in Saudi Arabia.

The Ultimate Breakthrough 

The initial phone interview screening went very well, he promised to get back to me after a few weeks if the company likes my resume for the final shortlisting. After the call, I was extremely excited and anxious, I do not know if the company would like my resume or not. Finger-crossed, I have waited for a couple of weeks and alas! He called me once again inviting me for a final interview in Manila.

There were only top 6 chosen for the final job interview, from hundreds of applicants aiming for the position and I’m one of them. The interview was divided into two days, I was scheduled for the first day.

I took an early flight from Davao City to Manila to be on time at the venue, I arrived in their office very early and there was only a security guard in-charge. Hours later, the other two shortlisted applicants came, in my surprised, I was the youngest among the six of us and the worst, I was the least experienced. From that point of view, I have no chance of getting this job since they’ve got more job experiences than I do.

Even then, I pretended to be confident and maintained my composure in front of my ultimate nemesis on this job interview of a lifetime. I might be the youngest and the least experienced, but that wouldn’t make me the least qualified – in my mind. After a couple of hours waiting, the final interview has begun, the eldest guy with the most experienced took the interview first, I was second in the row.

The Final Interview

During the interview, I was a little bit nervous, but I  was confident in answering their questions, there were two employers, one that asked the questions and the other one that observed the applicants. After I have finished expressing my answers to the employers, I caught them stunned and silenced, unable to speak, at one point we were looking each one another, I was waiting for them to ask me further questions.

Flying back to Manila to attend the final interview.

But looks like I have answered their questions before it was asked, my interview didn’t really last very long, I have expressed my answers tactfully with the best that I can. After the interview, the agency advised us to wait for a couple of weeks for the result. I went back home on the next possible flight, I was adamant and never really expecting at all to avoid disappointment and let God do the rest.

My family picked me up at the airport, I narrated how the interview went – but warned them, I might not be accepted because I was the youngest and the least experienced, so I’m not gonna expect for that. Three days after the interview, I was surprised the recruitment agency asked me to furnish my previous payslip. When I asked, what for? The agency replied – “you were recommended for hire!”

What the heck! After hearing it, I did not celebrate yet and tried to keep quiet because I don’t like to expect too early and later may end up into disappointment. I have submitted my previous pay slip to the agency; however, there is still one final screening which is the profile background investigation. What? Background investigation? It was the first time I have heard it from my entire career. Most companies only do a reference check, but this one has a more in-depth background screening.

Biggest & Most Powerful Energy Company in The World

This company is very influential and deemed as the biggest, richest and the largest energy company in the world richer than Walmart and Apple combined! And that they are not taking any chances, applying for this company is like going through the eye of a needle. Most of the applicants in this company failed during the background check.

I am currently working in the Administration Office of the company.

The background investigation is conducted thoroughly and would last for a minimum of 6 months to 1 year or more. That is how serious they are about getting their employees, ensuring the best applicants are filtered and has gone through a rigorous investigation. I was quite hesitant to pass or not the background check, as I don’t have contacts with my previous employers and references.

I crossed my fingers and waited for the result, alas! Eventually, the result came out and I have passed the background investigation. My background investigation was very quick, it was only two months instead of 6 months to one year. I didn’t really expect that short, few weeks after passing the investigation I received the salary offer and seemed very competitive.

Accepted the Offer & Invitation to Join the Company 

Of course, I accepted the offer and invited to submit myself for further processing, one month after the processing, I got my flight schedule back to Saudi Arabia joining the biggest and most influential company in the world. It was a sigh of relief and the ultimate feeling of joy, being part of this company is a dream come true. I have never expected that one day, I will be able to work for the company I have once worked as a contractor.

Being in this company gives me opportunities to travel to other countries, this photo was taken in Armenia during the Eid holidays.

Yes, you got it right, this was the company I have worked before as a contractor, for which while I was there – I was dreaming to become a regular employee soon and now i am here working as a direct employee, isn’t it great? I thought this kind of coincidence only happened in a fairy tale and Hollywood movies.

Never Lose Hope & Keep Moving in Life 

Later I realized how it makes sense the past struggles and failures that I had, were part of God’s plan for me to prepare the greatest blessing I could ever imagine. If you are reading this blog right now and currently in difficult situations, whatever it may be that bothers you. Thou shall never lose hope and your faith in God.

I hope you enjoy reading this post and gives you a little inspiration to continue your life no matter where it takes you.

Author: montergv

The author is currently based in Saudi Arabia, the holiest land of Islam. He’s a full-time employee of the largest energy company in the world. He’s a graduate of Communication Management, loves to write and travel.