How To Ace Interview And Get Your Dream Job!

Ever wonder why you’re not getting your dream job? Despite your excellent work experience and educational background? Perhaps you’re not at your best during your job interview. What might have gone wrong? Aren’t you aware that there are techniques for acing a job interview, are you?

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Don’t you worry, I’m here to guide and help you how to be at your best during your job interview and get that dream job of yours! First, let me tell you my background, if you were reading my previous blogs, some of you were aware that I’m currently working with the largest energy company on earth, richer than Apple and Microsoft combined.

Prior to that, I’d also worked with one of the biggest I.T companies in the world listed at Fortune 500 and NASDAQ Stock exchange, we had branches across the entire continents. You should be wondering how I got hired by those highly reputed companies. Apart from degree and qualifications, getting your dream job is more to do with how well you perform during the interview.

Wanna know my secrets of acing that job interview? Great! The following are my techniques in ensuring to get that coveted job!

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1. Dress up appropriately – Have you ever attended a job interview and failed? Perhaps you lack this extremely important reminder. Attending a job interview is as important as attending your wedding. Remember, when you apply for a job – you are the product, and you’re selling yourself to the company. Imagine buying at the grocery store, will you pick up rotten and expired items? No, you won’t! That’s the same as how employers look at you during the job interview.

Employers prefer candidates that are well prepared, neat, and wearing business attire or at least business casual. Unfortunately for some, wearing business outfit is a bit awkward for them, no wonder why you’re not getting your dream job. So next time when you get a job interview schedule, be sure to wear appropriately.

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2. Be punctual You don’t wanna be late during the job interview, do you? Aside from dressing up well. You need to come at least 15 minutes earlier to the venue to ensure you wouldn’t miss the schedule. Being late is a no, no to the employers and this will give them a bad impression on you. You’re not even hired and yet you’re late? Take note, you’re not the only candidate applying for the job. I remember when I got my final interview in Manila, I flew the night before to ensure I would come on time and meet the employers. It’s worth it, I got hired!

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3. Shake-hand firmlylet me emphasized this, some employers will offer to shake their hands on you and others may not. Appropriately, it’s best to wait for them to offer it first than you, especially if the employer is a woman. Should they offer their hands, shake it off firmly. Why? Because shaking hands firmly means your sincerity. You would know if the person genuinely likes you or not through the way he shake-hands on you. Now you know who among your friends are real or not through the degree of their grasp on your hands.

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4. Maintain eye to eye contact Now that you’ve done those three, the next step is maintaining an eye to eye contact during your conversation. Have you done it before? I know it’s difficult to do it, but yes. Maintaining an eye to eye contact is by far the most important gesture to ace the job interview. Doing it shows you’re confident, interested and knowledgeable about the job you’re applying for. Employers prefer to hire people with assertive character and with leadership potentials.

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5. Avoid mannerismWhether we like it or not, almost all employers and companies are adopting the universal language – English. And most likely the interview will be done in English, as much as possible avoid unpleasant mannerism during your speech and dialogue as it wouldn’t really sound great for the employers. “umm,” “ahhh,” are some of the mannerisms we manifest when we couldn’t continue or having difficulties finding the proper words. I understand that we’re not native English speakers and it’s difficult to avoid this situation. I would suggest to keep honing your skills in English or whatever language most likely being used during your job interview.

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6. Be concise with your answer In answering questions you need to be direct to the point and avoid going around the bush. Employers prefer brief but logical answers, do not expound if you’re not told to do so, wait for the employers to ask you follow up questions. Then state your side tactfully, answers must always be relevant to what is being asked for.

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7. Thank and ask questions at the end –After the interview do not forget to express your appreciation for being invited. Tell them you were appreciative and glad for being one of the final candidates. This will create a good impression on you and employers may tend to remember you among the applicants. Likewise, you can ask questions at the end if you have some clarifications related to the job. Do not ask about the salary yet or assume hired, the final decision is still with them.

Are you ready for your job interview?

I know how difficult it is applying for a job, I’ve been there too. I hope this tips and techniques would help you get your dream job. Have you ever attended a job interview? How was it? Did you get the job? Let me know in the comment box below! Don’t forget to share this blog with your friends.

Author: montergv

The author is currently based in Saudi Arabia, the holiest land of Islam. He’s a full-time employee of the largest energy company in the world. He’s a graduate of Communication Management, loves to write and travel.