How to Deal with Your Difficult Colleagues in The Office

If you’re not going to put up your own business and doesn’t have a plan to do so. Expect that someone will hire you to work for his company. Majority of the college graduates opt to find their success through corporate jobs. Working in a company is the easiest and the safest way to earn a living, unless if your father is Bill Gates or Steve Jobs, perhaps you wouldn’t need to work for life.

Although working in the office may sound easy and relax, there are several disadvantages being an employee; first, you need to sit in the office 8 hours a day, sometimes you’re required to work during the weekends, or having a lot of stress and pressure from your peers.

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But what’s more difficult is, dealing with your colleagues and superiors in the office, believe me, I’ve been there too! We all got this similar experiences, especially when we’re new and doesn’t know anyone in the office yet, the culture, and the environment. As a result, many will resign and quit their corporate job and try to find a better company hoping to find a nicer boss or colleagues.

You’re not alone in that situation, as a working professional, everyone has experienced that including me. To the point of planning to quit my job and leave that place for good, and I did! Yes, I did it! However, one thing I’ve learned, no matter where you will go, or no matter which company you’re in – you can never avoid having this kind of situations. You will find yourself once again dealing with the same people you’re trying to avoid before.

There are various factors to become a successful employee, and one of it is knowing how to deal with your workmates and superiors instead of avoiding them. To help you succeed with your job and alleviate your burden, I have made the list below on how to deal with your colleagues and superiors like a pro:

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1. Be patient – I’ve made it the number on the list for a reason, we often hear our granny telling us to be patient when in difficult situations. Yes, they’re right! Patience is one of the most important attitudes that we should have when dealing with difficult people so as to our colleagues and superiors. Never rush things! I know how difficult it is for you, and we often wanted an immediate solution. Perhaps your boss and your colleagues just need time to know you better, so don’t decide yet and rush to a conclusion. Keep in mind that patience is a virtue. Back in my previous company, I remember how I complained a lot to my old friend about my colleagues and stress at work. And he would often tell me, “be patient my friend, everything will be alright in time.” True enough!!!

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2. Listen First – I’m not saying you’re not listening well, but perhaps before you speak and express your side. You need to listen first and understand the message your colleagues/workmates wanted to convey. Sometimes, when we don’t really like the person, we tend to ignore him and won’t listen carefully resulting to misunderstanding and missing out essential information which would lead to a further altercation. Listening to the other side is the key to understanding their point of view, no one is perfect, so they are and you. Remember, listening is sometimes better than speaking.

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3. Cooldown – Are you having a bad day? Has your boss reprimanded you? Unfortunately, being an employee means having to deal with your superiors. Unluckily, having a sound and a kind boss is almost next to impossible. According to the studies, mostly turnovers of the companies are due to mismanagement and ineffective ways of dealing with their employees. So if you happened to be in this dire situation, always keep in mind to hold your temper and never retaliate with anger as it wouldn’t really help you, instead, it will add on to your problem at work. If you can’t handle it anymore, express and complain to your HR Department.

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4. Don’t be afraid to ask – Are you intimated to ask your boss? Are you afraid he might yell at you? You’re never alone in this! Sometimes, we’re too scared and preoccupied to ask questions and clarifications to our boss because we don’t know whether he’ll be happy or not. However, our being quiet would even lead to a further confusion and mistakes. Never be afraid to ask your superiors when in doubt regardless of his reaction. Take note, it’s always best to complete your task properly rather than committing mistakes due to your keeping your mouth shut!

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5. Accept DiversityHow can you accept someone if you don’t really like him in the first place? Quite hard, isn’t it? Accepting diversity is the key to a long lasting career in the corporate world. Unless you’re a businessman and a boss on your own, you can never avoid them. Remember the saying “you can’t please everyone?” yes! this is right. There’re always people who won’t like you for no reason, likewise, there’re people you don’t really like unintentionally. Understand that everyone is unique. Look at your fingers, are they of the same sizes? They aren’t! So are we, and that makes the world go around and challenging. Without the challenges, you wouldn’t like to go to your office, would you?

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6. Be Professional  – How do you define “professionalism”? How do you understand it? You should have an idea of what’s being a professional is. Professionalism doesn’t only denote the level of education, training, and experience the person has. It also implies the overall character of the person himself, from the way he deals with his colleagues, treats his subordinates, and providing impartial judgment at all times, that’s what the real professionalism is. When somebody shouts at you, would you shout him back? You don’t really have too, just stay professional. When you’re gone, they wouldn’t remember your achievement was, they’ll remember how you treated them well.

I know working in the corporate world is extremely challenging for all of us, I can feel you – hold on, and always remember that without pain, there’s no gained. Knowing the proper techniques in dealing with our workmates and superiors are the key to being successful in our chosen profession. Who knows, you might be the CEO of that company someday!

Is there anything you could suggest on how to deal with our colleagues in the office? Let me know in the comment box below! Don’t forget to share this blog with your friends.

Author: montergv

The author is currently based in Saudi Arabia, the holiest land of Islam. He’s a full-time employee of the largest energy company in the world. He’s a graduate of Communication Management, loves to write and travel.