Salute To All The OFWs!

It has been a long while since the last time I have posted on my blog. You should be asking what might have gone wrong! Honestly, there’s no problem at all, it’s just that I went home to the Philippines for my annual leave from Saudi Arabia.


Right now, I’m at a Cafe sipping my coffee in Manila International Airport waiting for my flight later tonight to KSA. I stayed almost 40 days here (Philippines) spending most of my time resting at home and had a short trip to a nearby island called Camiguin. A very beautiful island located off the coast of Misamis Oriental.

I’ll be writing down soon my wonderful experiences there, after reaching Saudi Arabia. Meanwhile, if ever you’d be traveling to Saudi Arabia someday, flight duration from the Philippines to Saudi is around 9 to 10 hours by direct flight. And if you’re unlucky just like me, you would have more than 15 hours including layover and connecting flights.

I woke up too early this morning to catch up my domestic flight from Cagayan de Oro to Manila, had a terminal transfer and now I’m currently at the departure lounge. So far the weather here is amazing, I could see the mountain ranges from afar and the humongous cumulous clouds above and the tips of the skyscrapers dotting all around in one of the busiest cities in the world (Manila).

At the waiting lounge, I could see people from different walks of life both locals and foreigners. But many are the Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs), men and women eagerly waiting for their respective flights. However, most of them are heading towards Middle East countries hoping to find a greener pasture to feed their families back home.

These overseas workers would be working in the countries not too akin to them. Trying to endure and adapt the environment as much as they could to support their families left behind. Majority of the OFWs going to the Middle East are laborers and household workers only a little percentage are professionals.

These poor individuals chose to venture to the unknown leaving behind their loved ones and comfort zones in exchange for their aspiration to alleviate their burden and provide their dependents with a brighter future. Which is why OFWs are deemed as the modern heroes for a third world country like the Philippines sending billions of dollar every year helping its volatile economy.

It is therefore, we should respect and salute to all the OFWs in the world who have chosen the arduous and uncertain journey that sometimes doesn’t lead to wonderful destinations. Say thank you to your OFW parents, brothers, sisters or friends for their sacrifices trying to provide you a better tomorrow.

I’ll be catching up my flight now, I’ll see you soon guys! Don’t forget to share this to your family and friends.

Author: montergv

The author is currently based in Saudi Arabia, the holiest land of Islam. He’s a full-time employee of the largest energy company in the world. He’s a graduate of Communication Management, loves to write and travel.