Saudi Aramco’s Minimum Requirements

The Biggest Energy Company in the World

If you could have read my previous post on my blog, I have mentioned that I’m currently connected with the biggest and the largest energy company in the world based in Saudi Arabia. Sounds interesting right? I know you’re curious about the company I’m working with. Today, I’m going to reveal and share with you the minimum requirements to be part of this mammoth industry known as the most valuable company in the world.

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Can you guess my company now? Yes, you are right! I’m humbled to say that, I’m working with Saudi Aramco, the biggest Oil and Gas Company in the world. Saudi Aramco was founded almost a century ago by the Americans. Today Saudi Aramco continues its legacy of being the number one energy provider fueling cities and industries.

Saudi Aramco’s workforce is composed of almost 100 different nationalities from the four corners of the globe. Our workforce is very diverse, mostly professionals who wish to work in the Middle East aimed to be part of this renowned company. I’m glad to share with you the minimum requirements that you should meet, should you apply for Saudi Aramco:

Educational Background

If you’re a professional or going to work in the administration (office job), you need to have at least a degree to be qualified. Presently I’m working in the administration and I have completed a four years degree in Communication Management. Without my degree, I wouldn’t be qualified in the company. Therefore, it is of paramount importance to get a degree first.

What about the skilled-workers, do they need a degree? If you are a skilled-worker applicant, a degree is not necessary, but a good plus factor. However, skilled-worker applicants require more technical certifications obtained, longer or more work experiences, preferably not just five (5) years, possessed technical knowledge and expertise of its field.

Work Experience

Work experience is by far the most significant qualification when applying for a job in Saudi Aramco. The company is always in need of competent professionals and skilled workers who have at least or preferably more than five (5) years of continuous work experience.

The company is looking for professionals in the various field of engineering, Information Technology (I.T), Medical, administrative support, office staff, Aviation, Maritime and skilled workers/maintenance. Once you have at least five (5) or more than work experience, then you are qualified to apply. Plus factor if you have work experience in oil and gas companies, although it is not really necessary.

International Related Experience

When I say international experience, this relates to your work experiences before internationally. In my case, prior to joining Saudi Aramco, I have already a previous work experience in the Kingdom.

What about if you don’t have international work experience? Don’t worry, because international work experience is not necessary this is only an add-on to your qualification, but not mandatory. I have colleagues in the office who don’t have international experience prior to joining Saudi Aramco.

Professional & Technical Certifications

Another x-factor that the company is looking for is your professional and technical certifications. Certifications proving your expertise in a particular field is very important, like if you have diplomas, short courses, training and seminars from a reputable training center, agencies, institutes and government-related vocational schools. This will add-ons to your qualifications especially if you are applying for technical and requires highly skilled professionals.

Communication skill (English)

Saudi Aramco employs almost 100 different nationalities around the world if you are applying for professional (degree holders) jobs. At least you should have good English skill and ability to write, speak and understand the universal language.

What about the skilled-worker applicants, are they required to have good English skill? If you’re this line of profession, basic English is enough (able to speak and understand) because most of the time you’re in the field and your job does not require prolific English skill.

However, certain professions require above average or intermediate English skill, like my line of job, since I’m working in the administration (mainly in the office), my English skill is above average as it’s required in my profession assisting management and executives.

Are You Ready to Apply?

If you think you have what it takes to apply for Saudi Aramco and ready to join the biggest oil and gas company in the world, then you’re most welcome. Who knows! We’ll be working together here soon and enjoy the overflowing benefits and compensation package. Good luck!!!

Disclaimer: The aforementioned information is based on my personal experience when I applied at Saudi Aramco at that time. The minimum requirements might have changed now. For further clarifications, head on to Aramco’s official website. 

Author: montergv

The author is currently based in Saudi Arabia, the holiest land of Islam. He’s a full-time employee of the largest energy company in the world. He’s a graduate of Communication Management, loves to write and travel.