Six Disadvantages of Social Media

There was a time in our lives where our means of communication is more personal, intimate, and meaningful. Where we need to visit our friends and loved ones to discuss things face-to-face or the least through phone call if they’re out of reach. With the advent of social media, people started to change its behavior including our ways of communication.

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We became too reliant on these social media platforms to the point of getting into our personal space. Needless to say, there’re various reasons why social media is becoming distractive in our lives, work, and privacy. The following are the disadvantages of too much exposure to social media:

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1. Disconnects you from your loved ones nearby – It’s very ironic but yes, social media does the opposite instead of connecting you more to your loved ones. Have you noticed sitting with your family or friends and there was that moment of silence? Because everyone is quite busy scrolling through their social media accounts trying to catch up with the latest updates on their friends’ list. We have lost the will to communicate personally with the people that surround us because social media has managed to replace our need to socialize in person.

Dining in the restaurant, I don’t know if you have noticed that everyone could barely discuss things properly on the table due to being preoccupied with the social media even at meal time. At home, my family’s interaction has degraded because everyone has its own personal activities on their social media account. My siblings are locking their rooms staying there a day without going out to communicate with us.


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2. Extremely Addictive – I don’t know what’s really behind that frenzy, that when I wake up every morning that first thing that I do is checking my social media accounts instead of doing something more productive. Have you tried this as well? How many times do you browse on to your Facebook account in a day? How many hours do you spend on it? Before social media came into our world, there was no such thing as social media addiction.

Today I can see people of different ages, social status, and backgrounds couldn’t live without it and I’m one of them. I used to deactivate my account and later on activate it again. I tried to live without it but failed in the end, so I wonder why? Later that I knew I got mentally and physically addicted to it. It’s similar to that of drug addiction, once you’re into it, it’s difficult to get out and social media works that way.

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3. Platform to Spread Fake NewsIf you’re a Facebook user, you’re one of its billions of subscribers across the entire continent of the planet. Not a small number, isn’t it? Facebook is the number one social media platform in the world. No other social media platforms could rival Facebook’s dominance, and for that, Facebook is the main source of almost everything that we need to know including fake news.

Because Facebook has an immeasurable number of users so it’s the best platform to reach the maximum number of people. Previously, in the Philippine setting. A number of bloggers were lambasted during the Senate hearing due to spreading the fake news through Facebook that caused an uproar among the public. Facebook has no or limited control over what’s being shared by their subscribers including fake news and other malicious content detrimental to the readers.

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4. Causes Depression and Anxiety   Have you been depressed lately? Perhaps you’ve spent so much time browsing on Facebook. Studies show that people who are more active on Facebook got more tendencies to experience depression and unhappy life. Who wouldn’t be depressed if you constantly see negativity being shared on Facebook? Intensified by floods of fake news that feeds up your wall daily!

I used to follow popular bloggers before on their Facebook page, day by day I can see them sharing hardline news and sometimes fake. It triggers lots of emotion – anger, frustration, and annoyance. Eventually, I have come to realize to put an end and unfollowed them for good and my life has totally changed.

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4. It Triggers Insecurity Admit it, social media has become the venue for people showcasing their nonsense activities. Even I is guilty of this, how do you feel when someone has bragged about his new house? New car? New phones? And trips abroad? Don’t deny it! In a way or another, we’re feeling uneasy and envious of them. Making us want to do the same although we could hardly afford it. See how social media changed our minds?

Posting a new selfie, how do you react when people you expect to like your post didn’t even bother to like it? Getting upset, right? You’ve got a thousand friends on your Facebook account and yet, only a dozen of it likes your post. These are just some of the instances how social media triggers adverse emotional impact on the users leading to depression and anxiety.

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5. Security ThreatYou’ve got a thousand friends on your social account and yet you could only identify a handful of your real friends there. Sadly, our social media friends are people whom we don’t even know. Some of them are spies and just wanted to know your activities and whereabouts. Yes, this is true. I have learned a lesson in a hard way after accepting somebody on Facebook whom I barely knew.

He began asking questions like where am I, and when am I going back home. Later I found out he’s a stalker and accused me of having an affair with his wife. What the heck! A person that I’ve never formally met in my life has accused me of something I’ve never done before. Next time when you’re posting something on Facebook, be careful as there are watchful eyes trying to espionage on you.

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6. Compromises Privacy – The moment you signed up on social media, it will begin collecting information from your system. This includes sites you have visited on the web, things that you like and dislike, your contact information, your connections and whatever that may serve them best. Likewise, anybody could steal your information that you have shared on your profile and timeline. Ever wonder why after searching on the web related to travel. Ads suddenly appear on your Facebook timelines about travels? It’s because Facebook basically knows your activities online.

Are you ready to say goodbye to social media?

The decision is really up to you, weigh in the pros and cons of having a social media account based on its advantages and disadvantages it may have served you.

Do you have social media accounts? What are its advantages and disadvantages it has on you? Let me know in the comment box below, don’t forget to share it with your friends.

Author: montergv

The author is currently based in Saudi Arabia, the holiest land of Islam. He’s a full-time employee of the largest energy company in the world. He’s a graduate of Communication Management, loves to write and travel.