How to Learn English By Yourself

Do you want to learn English for free? Do you want to speak fluently like native English speakers, don’t you? If your answer is “yes.” Then, this post is the right one for you. English is considered as the universal language, billions of people from around the world are trying to learn English. Reasons for studying English may include for employment, immigration, business or simply having an edge on their communication skill.

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People enroll themselves in training centers and prestigious universities just to study English. Others go to Europe and the United States to get first hand English training and paid a hefty amount of money. However, little is known that you can hack English by yourself without costing a penny.  Learning English by yourself is not really difficult if you have the patience and determination to do it. Below are the effective proven ways to learning English for free:

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1. Reading English Dictionary – Reading English dictionary is the core foundation of starting to learn the language. Reading the dictionary is the best way to gain more vocabularies vital for communication, without having a rich vocabulary, speaking English is impossible. I remember when I started memorizing the dictionary that’s when I was in first-year high school even until now I still got the time to read it.

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2. Watching English MoviesAnother extremely effective way to learn English is – by watching English movies, the dialogues and conversations in the movies are very helpful to learn English. Watching a movie is like watching the native English speakers themselves talking in their language. In my college days, I would never fail to watch English movies at night and would try to imitate the dialogues, even write it down in my notes. There are sentences which are difficult to make for yourself but could be learned by watching English movies.

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3. Read English Paragraphs daily Aside from reading the dictionary to gain more vocabularies reading English Paragraphs daily helps a lot. No need to be particular of what kind of books are, as long as written in English – a magazine, newspaper, science books, kids story will do. Reading it daily helps you familiarize a lot of words and phrases which are commonly used in English.

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4. Be With English Speaking FriendsYou don’t really need to find a native English speaking friend, what I mean with “English speaking friends” are your common friends who have the same passion in learning English like you. Believe me, this is by far among the most effective ways to learn the language. Back in my college days, I had a reputation of being an “English spoken” as I would oftentimes speak English in the college and when I’m with my local friends. In fact,  I befriended my college instructor who became my best buddy in talking Engish.

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5. Be Confident  Being confident is the soft skill that you need to acquire to further learn and apply English in your daily life. Once you have all the prerequisites to learn English, you must have the self-confidence to use the language. Don’t be afraid to speak English in front of your friends or colleagues.

Others may find it weird when we’re speaking English, don’t mind them. Remember, you can’t please everyone– so just be yourself and think in the long run. Don’t be discouraged when they make fun of you while practicing the language. Many people failed to learn English mainly because they’re scared of criticism and what others will say.

Are you still interested to learn English?

Just to give you a heads up, if you’re planning to work overseas having a good English skill is important. As an immigrant worker here in Saudi Arabia our medium of communication in the office is mainly in English. I’m currently connected with the biggest energy company in the world. That employs more than 80 different nationalities, and to communicate effectively with those multinational colleagues you need to speak English respectively.

I hope this post may inspire you to learn and improve your English skill as well, who knows you might be the next one will reap its benefit. You don’t really need to study at an expensive university and training centers. Just follow what I’d done and I’m sure you can do it.

Do you know more effective ways to learn English? Let me know in the comment box below, don’t forget to share this blog!

My Indonesian Friend Joins The Marathon

Charity Run On Multiple Sclerosis Awareness

It was a wonderful Saturday afternoon in Al-Khobar corniche, the venue of the “charity run” organized by our company. The weather was great, perfect for the marathon, at first – I have registered myself to experience this fun event; however, I backed out at the last minute and decided to be an expectator.

My Indonesian friend Muhamad, showing off his medal after the marathon event.

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Top 5 Most In Demand Jobs In Saudi Arabia For Expats

Are you planning to work in Saudi, aren’t you? Saudi Arabia is among the most popular country to work in the Middle East, millions of expatriate workers from all over the world are currently living and working in the kingdom. Despite the massive Saudization program of the government to localize jobs providing more opportunities for their citizens. Saudi Arabia remains the top destination for foreign workers.

Saudi Arabia is the greatest exporter of oil and gas products in the world where the majority of its revenue comes from. It’s one of the richest countries in the Middle East despite the economic crises currently faced by oil producing economies.

Hundreds of thousands, if not millions of people wanted to work here, as a foreign worker myself. I know the most suitable positions here in the kingdom most likely held by expats. Below are some of the most recommended jobs for foreign workers in KSA.

Professional Jobs

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7 Reasons Why I Love Saudi Arabia

What’s the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear of Saudi Arabia? Perhaps you should be thinking about the negativity being shown in the media, or the chaotic situation is some parts of the Middle Eastern countries, or perhaps a country with an overflowing supply of oil and petroleum products. Whatever your impressions may be, is the result of your being unaware of the real situation inside Saudi Arabia. Well, I can’t blame you for that, I have been in Saudi Arabia since 2012 and still continuing to love this misunderstood country.

Saudi Arabia is the center of Islam where the two holiest mosques are located in Medina and Mecca.

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Saudi Aramco’s Minimum Requirements

The Biggest Energy Company in the World

If you could have read my previous post on my blog, I have mentioned that I’m currently connected with the biggest and the largest energy company in the world based in Saudi Arabia. Sounds interesting right? I know you’re curious about the company I’m working with. Today, I’m going to reveal and share with you the minimum requirements to be part of this mammoth industry known as the most valuable company in the world.

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Top 10 Disadvantages of Working Abroad That No One Wants to Talk About

Have you ever thought of working abroad, haven’t you? Are you feeling jealous seeing your friends working in a foreign land? Or perhaps getting envious while watching your friends posting nice photos on their social media accounts. Admit it, you’ve wished to work abroad too or perhaps thought about it!


For most people, the idea of working abroad sounds very exciting, it’s like having a long vacation to another country. Seeing new places, meeting new people, having new friends, being able to buy new stuff and getting loads of money! Believe me, this is what you’ve thought about seeing your friends and relatives working abroad.

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King Abdulaziz Center for World Culture: The Most Beautiful Building in The World

When we thought of the tallest building in the world, the first thing that comes to our mind is in Dubai City, why not? What about the most iconic and one of the most beautiful buildings in the world? You wouldn’t have probably thought of Saudi Arabia, would you? I know you’re raising your eyebrows right now. But yes, there is a building here that could rival any other modern landmarks in the world.

37953466_2092496740821715_61755333294424064_n (1)
The side view of the King Abdulaziz Center for World Culture, located in Dhahran Saudi Arabia.

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Poor Boy’s Journey To Success In Saudi Arabia

Christmas is a happy day

Its Christmas Eve, the whole family happily sits together as they patiently wait for the last tick of the ‘minute hand’ (wall clock) before twelve o’clock midnight. Alas! The wait is over. Merry Christmas! Greeted everyone with a smile on their faces. The table is ready, kids are so excited to see what mama has prepared on a rare occasion to eat good food.

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Marlon, standing alongside Incredible Hulk, just like this comic hero, Marlon is a hero himself who fought for his ambitions and won it triumphantly.

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Abandoned Boy Turns HR Professional in Saudi Arabia

The Metaphor of Life

Sailing alone into the deep blue sea hoping to catch fish to fill his rumbling stomach. As he paddles towards the middle of the ocean where he could see nothing, but the magnitude of the approaching swell.

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Jonathan Mahilum, an HR Professional based in Saudi Arabia. As a child, he imagined himself wearing a suit one day, but to realize it, he had to pursue and finish his studies.

He looked around back and forth, where there is no more land visible from the distance, realizing he has gone too far. His heart beats fast, though scared and daunted he continued boldly crossing the unrelenting waves that strike against his wooden boat as if yelling him – ‘you can’t make it to the shore.’

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How I Got Hired by Saudi Aramco? The Biggest Energy Company In The World Part-2

In continuation of Part-I

However, my happiness in this American I.T company was short-lived, I have to leave and go back to the Philippines. In an unfortunate event, I have accidentally washed up my passport in the washing machine! Yes, I washed-up my passport in the washing machine of the hotel. Isn’t it weird? Or an act of idiocy, what do you think? I’m just human, I’m not in control of everything.

I went back home to renew my passport after the incident.

I froze when I saw my passport inside the washing machine along with my clothes, I was speechless – my entire body numbed for a moment. I was scared and worried, my work visa is on my passport and now it has been ruined. I don’t even know what to do and what would happen to me now.

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