Visiting Riyadh City Saudi Arabia

Have you ever been to Riyadh City? If not, then let me take you there through this blog! Riyadh City is the capital city of Saudi Arabia, where the main government offices, embassies, and headquarters of huge international corporations are located. Riyadh City is in the central region of Saudi Arabia, being the capital city it’s by far the biggest city in the Kingdom.

The bustling city of Riyadh during the night, the picture was taken from the top of Kingdom Center the third tallest building in Saudi Arabia.

Currently, I’m based in the Eastern Province. Therefore, traveling to Riyadh is less often due to its distance. There are many ways to visit Riyadh from the Eastern Province, you can either go by air, train, or by car. Riyadh City is not really new to me as I have worked there a few years back.

Working in Riyadh before

Prior to working with my present company now, I’d been occasionally visiting Riyadh City since our main office was there. I remember staying in Al-Malaz area not too far from the football stadium and just across the Ministry of Justice. I felt nostalgic each time I remember those days. It was a nice memory and experience to live in that quiet, peaceful neighborhood.

Riyadh is the capital city of Saudi Arabia, day and night the city seems crowded and always busy.

Just like many capital cities in the world, Riyadh is a bustling metropolis with many high skyscrapers dotted all around. Tons of huge malls and shopping centers scattered all over the city. If you passed-by or visit “Olaya Street” you would see two of the most iconic buildings in Saudi Arabia – the Kingdom Center and Faisaliyah Building.

Visit two iconic buildings Kingdom and Faisaliyah Centers

The Kingdom Center is a unique building with a ‘V’ shape hole on the top, it’s the third tallest building in Saud Arabia, and its the world third tallest building with a hole. It houses international offices, 5 star hotel, and shopping mall on the ground floor. On the top of the building is a sky bridge where you can visit with a minimal fee and get a glimpse of the entire Riyadh City.

One of the most iconic buildings in Riyadh City, the Faisaliya Tower, this building houses shopping center, hotel and private offices.

On the other hand, the Faisaliyah Center is another iconic building located not too far across the Kingdom Center. This building has a triangular structure with a globe shape on the top. Just like the Kingdom Center, Faisaliyah Tower houses a 5-star hotel, offices, and a shopping center.

Shop and explore famous streets

Another exciting place to visit is the Tahlia street, apart from Olaya, Tahlia street is one of my favorite places to hang-out and shop. Along this street are various restaurants, cafes, and international boutiques. Tahlia street is also home to the famous Centria mall, This mall is packed with all the luxury brands in the world, name it, it’s all in here. Rich locals and royal families frequently seen here, prepare a thousand bucks should you intend to shop here.

The most recognizable skyscraper in Saudi Arabia, the Kingdom Center in Oyala Street.

As the capital city of the Kingdom, Riyadh is always busy and traffic jam is common in every intersection. Thus, a multibillion-dollar project to remedy the traffic is currently in progress – the Riyadh Metro. Once completed, it’s expected to ease heavy traffic congestion and quick transport to home and workplaces.

King Abdullah Financial District

Another mega project is currently under construction in Riyadh City is the King Abdullah Financial District. An initiative project by the previous King to create more jobs and revenue in the Kingdom. The financial district is composed of numerous high rise skyscrapers including the Capital Market Authority Headquarters which will be the tallest building in Riyadh soon.

This is how the King Abdullah Financial District looks like once completed and operational (Photo credit to

Riyadh is never a boring place to visit with lots of things to see and experience, plenty of shopping malls to hop on, millions of restaurants to try on, there are also a handful of historical sites in Riyadh and nearby which I need to visit soon. So if you haven’t visited Riyadh yet, and you’re here in Saudi Arabia. You must plan a weekend getaway there.

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Author: montergv

The author is currently based in Saudi Arabia, the holiest land of Islam. He’s a full-time employee of the largest energy company in the world. He’s a graduate of Communication Management, loves to write and travel.